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Wake up and go with customized lash extensions that enhance your natural beauty. Read more about The Blushing Belle difference below.

Own your style


The Blushing Belle difference…

My goal when lashing is for clients to leave feeling naturally beautiful. I have had so many clients tell me they feel more like themselves and more confident with their lashes done which is the best feedback I can receive. 

I specialize in natural, “your lashes but better” styles because I want every client to walk out the door feeling their best, and like their lashes match their lifestyle. By tailoring each set to the individual client’s face shape, eye shape and natural lashes, they are left with a look that accentuates their natural features. Generally speaking, natural styles are also the healthiest for your natural lashes.

The beauty of lash extensions is how individualized they are. This is why I work to customize each set to combine what will best suit the client, what is healthiest for their natural lashes, and what style the client is wanting to achieve.  

Welcome to The Blushing Belle… where CONVENIENCE meets BEAUTY, and YOUR LIFE is SIMPLIFIED.


How long does a lash fill take?

Lash fills typically take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes depending on what style lashes you have and the density of your natural lashes.

How often do you need a lash fill?

Generally speaking, lash fills are needed every 2-3 weeks. Factors including your natural lash cycle, lifestyle, etc. can greatly impact the answer to this question. You should have about half of your lashes, or more, remaining when you come in for a fill. It is important not to wait too long to get your lashes filled to avoid too much weight being placed on the end of your natural lash as this can be damaging. 

Lash fill cost

Lash fill cost varies by service. Lash fills at The Blushing Belle Cedar Park lashes start at $72. Visit the booking site for pricing for each style. 

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