Lashes are supposed to simplify your life so let’s quickly go over lash extension aftercare to allow you to care for them properly and get the most out of your lashes!

Before your appointment

  • Cleanse your face and be sure to remove all eye makeup
  • Avoid oily products on and around your eyes
  • Avoid caffeine
  • If it is your first appointment, be sure to fill out the consent form that you received in a link to in your confirmation email

It is very helpful to come into your appointment with a general idea of what style you’re looking for. If you’re not sure, don’t worry at all! We will have a thorough consultation and discuss different options and what will suit your eye shape and lifestyle best.

After your appointment

  • Clean your lash extensions daily with a lash extension safe cleanser making sure to do gentle circular motions, focusing on your lash line
  • Avoid oily products on and around your eyes
  • Avoid makeup, especially waterproof makeup, as this requires a lot of rubbing to remove and can cause your extensions to fall off prematurely
  • Try not to sleep on your face
  • Do not pick or pull at your extensions
  • Brush your lashes morning and night
  • Schedule regular fills
long term effects of eyelash extensions

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